5 Online Payment Alternatives to Credit Cards

With identity theft and internet security at the front of most online shopper’s minds, a new crop of payment alternatives have become available to consumers. Now, no credit or debit card equals no problem; just use one of these non-card payment alternatives instead.

PayPal is one of the most widely accepted forms of online payment used in the world today. PayPal’s secure and streamlined payment process makes it easy to pay individuals or businesses online with the click of a button. The popularity of this online account has made some brick and mortar business start accepting it as a form of payment, too.

Google-WalletGoogle Wallet
Google Wallet, formerly Google Checkout, is fast approaching PayPal’s level of recognition among online shoppers. This form of online payment is used for buying goods from online stores and digital content such as MP3s and apps from the Google Play Store. Google has updated their Wallet to allow transactions between individuals and special security features which let you disable the app on your phone or mobile device should it be stolen, keeping your credit card information safer.

PayNearMe allows users to deposit cash into their account at certain convenience stores. The money in the account can then be used to pay for transactions online or even over the telephone. Like its competitors, PayNearMe charges fees for its transactions.

Secure-e-Bill appeals to shoppers who use online banking but who don’t want to use debit or credit cards to pay for purchases. By choosing Secure-e-Bill for payment, an invoice is sent to the consumer who can then pay directly through their bank’s online banking service, keeping their details secure while still offering a convenient way to pay.

Pre-paid Debit CardsPre-paid Debit Cards
Pre-paid debit cards are easy to use; simply buy one from a store and load it with funds via cash or your bank card, then use it as you would a credit card. The biggest drawback with most pre-paid cards is fact that the fees can add up very quickly, resulting in paying more for your purchases than you would by using another method.

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5 Online Payment Alternatives to Credit Cards
Article Name
5 Online Payment Alternatives to Credit Cards
Credit card is not only the alternative by which instant payment can be done for financial benefits. There are more 5 options to pay apart from credit card.

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